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Belize is small country located at the Central America which offer nature, sea life, tranquilly and laid-back sailing at the same time. The most remarkable natural feature of Belize is the Mesoamerican Reef that extends about 350 NM from Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico) to Belize Coast. This reef is the second largest reef of the world. In Belize you can enjoy with more than 400 islands cays that are sheltered by Mesoamerican Reef. Sea life is also very rich in these back water; more than 50 species of hard and soft corals, whales, sharks, manatees and about 500 species of tropical fishes will welcome you. Don’t forget to watch seabirds such as Magnificent Frigate and Brown Booby. The most important point is that you can enjoy with all these nature wonders when you are sailing or anchoring in unspoiled and not crowded waters and cays. Snorkelling and scuba diving are must to do in Belize.

Climate of Belize is subtropical. Mean annual temperature is 25-26˚C. During winter, with strong winds temperature may fall back to 15˚C. At summer months hottest day may reach up to 32-33˚C.

Easterly Trade winds are the prevailing winds at Belize coast which usually blow 10 – 20 knots. The dry season usually starts at November and ends at May. Between June and November is considered as rainy season. During this rainy season hurricanes may also occur. Southern parts, which are covered with jungles receive most of the rain.

Due to perfect sheltering of the reef, you can sail in back waters with a nice wind but without disturbing winds.

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