New England, E of USA

New England is located at the NE of the USA. The coastline stretches from Long Islands to Rhode Islands, Cape Cad and up along the coast of New Hampshire. The coastline is beautiful with white sand beaches, sand dunes and rocky cliffs. Traditional architecture, especially old style lighthouses of the area give another charm to the area. Keep in mind that cold waters of New England is a paradise for fishes, i.e nice sea food. You shouldn’t miss oysters, clams, mussels, crabs and scallops nest to lobsters, cod fish and halibut. New England is also the place where marine history of USA started.

Weather conditions vary throughout the region. Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont are under the influence of humid continental climate with short and mild summers and cold winters. Massachusetts and Rhode Island have humid climate with long and warm summers and cold winters. Generally springs are wet and cloudy.

Prevailing wind direction is NE, however between the islands wind direction might be diverted.

Tidal range change between 30 cm to 4 m throughout the year. Therefore, it is highly recommended to check tide guides while planning your trip.

There is a persistent counter clockwise current in the Massachusetts Bay, however this current tends to decrease at the southern parts. Currents in Cape Cod Bay is usually weak, but may increase during run-off times. The current in Cape Cod Canal may reach up to 4.5 knots.

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