Athens - Cyclades Islands, Greece

The Cyclades are a group of islands of varying sizes scattered over the deep blue waters of the Aegean. Some of them are well-known both to the public at large and the international 'jet-set', while others remain little known and scarcely figure on the tourist scene. Taken as a whole, they make an ideal holiday destination for the visitors of the most varied tastes.

A fusion of stone, sunlight and sparkling sea, the Cyclades lie to the east of the Peloponnese and south-east of the coast of Attica; they stretch as far as Samos and Ikaria to the east, and are bounded to the south by the Cretan Sea.

Yet, in spite of the characteristics which the islands have in common -sparkling sea, sun, the landscape and the austere line of the architecture - each retains its own individual features, which visitors can discover as they explore them one by one.

The weather in the Aegean Sea during summer is dominated by the “meltemi” which ,in general comes from NW in south and east Aegean and frtom NE in the north and west Aegean. It is usually light and suitable breeze of F4-5 in the mornings and but strengthens by the afternoons upto F5-6.
However from mid June to mid September meltemi may become a gale of force 7-8, but usually only 3-4 days.

From October to mid May, it is either northerly or southerly winds. Winds of F10 may also expected during this period.

The best time to sail in the Greek islands is between May and October. Within these months it is sunny, warm and dry. However there may also be few days when it can be windy or even too windy for sailing, especially in July and August.

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