Hobart - Bruny Island; Tasmania

Tasmania is an island and state of the Australia, separated from the continent by Bass Strait. Capital of the state is Hobart. Cruising around Hobart and close by Bruny Island offers a fascinating experience filled with uncrowded anchorages, beautiful nature nice sea food and tranquillity. You should be ready to wake up in a small cove with songs of birds just next to the snow-capped mountains. Area is also covered with berry farms, apple orchards, vineyards and cheese makers. This adventure is definitely worth to sail.

Weather and sea state;
Tidal range is around 1 m, however it may rise up to 1.5 m during the spring tides.

Tasmania’s weather mostly controlled by passage of low-pressure system from west to east. During summer months this cold front usually pass from south of the Tasmania and cause westerly winds. Winds are usually not very strong at summer, occasionally can rise up to 35 knots. Thus, best time to sail is summer.

Weather forecast report can be listed through HF radio from Bureau of Meteorology in every four hours. Warning are announced hourly.

Around Hobart and Bruny islands most of the anchorages has weedy bottom. Therefore, holding may be weak and it is recommended to check your anchor.

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