Istanbul to Giresun - Black Sea Coast of Turkey

Black Sea coast of Turkey offers a great sailing experience with beautiful nature, cosy villages, modern cities and friendly locals. Best time to sail is summer, i.e May to September. It is advised to enter Black Sea at the beginning of June and leave at the beginning of September before gales start. During winter there might be strong and cold N wind which makes sailing very uncomfortable.

Summer months are usually characterized by settled weather conditions. Gales are rare, however one may meet with occasional ones with a force up to 6. Turkish official weather forecast website ( might be useful for planning your trip. Prevailing wind is from N.

Main currents of Black Sea is anti-clockwise. However, if you are close to coast you can meet with local currents especially at the mouth of big rivers.
More information is available in the guide book; Black Sea Cruising Guide, Davis Read Barker and Lisa Borre

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