Marmaris - Göcek - Rhodos; Turkish and Greek waters

This is the route which can be described in few words, as “One of the best blue voyage at Aegean Sea including Greeak Islands”

From Marmaris to Gocek and back, it is possible to complete within few days or with lazy and romantic sailing within 3 weeks. However, it is suggested to make a course of sailing to Gocek and back to Marmaris wthin about 8-10 days.

Suggested first anchorage is Ekincik. During summer, by the help of northern winds, it will be
few hours of smooth sailing. Be careful not to miss the entrance of Ekincik bay while sailing from north. While approaching, before the entrance of Ekincik bay, you will see the long lovely beach of Iztuzu.

The next bay suggested is Gocek, with tens of anchorages. There, at Gocek and nearby small islands and coves, each only 4-6 miles away from each other. It is possible to meet some yachts at these coves anchoring for weeks. Here there are 6 marinas, all of them offering the full marina services and all are with “blue flag”.

At Gocek and the around, one should not miss to anchore and swim at Gocek Island, Tersane Island, Yassıca Islands, Kizil Island, Baba Island, Gobun, Sarsala, Taskaya and Kile. There are restaurants at Boynuzbuku, Tersane Island, Gobun, Sarsala and Baba Island and as usual, same as other coves, there are small wooden piers in front of restaurants to moor and stern to.

Since the prevailing wind is northern winds and meltemi, early in the morning it may blow only 1-2 Bft.
but, towards the noon and in afternoon you can get the wind for good sailing. At almost all anchorages and coves mentioned above, the bottom is sand for good holding. While anchoring, always keep in mind the meltemi at evenings which usually calms down after sunset.

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