Sicily, round trip

Sicily is one of the best places for circumnavigation in the Mediterranean. Volcanoes, ancient cities, great food and small towns offer unique experience.

Best time to visit Sicily is April to October where weather is settled with light winds. Prevailing winds are NW with average F 3-4. However, you may meet with unsettled weather (fierce winds) occasionally. It is advised to stay in short distance of shelter in these periods. During the strong Mistrals, you may expect to have very strong (F 9-10) at the SW tip of the Sicily.

Currents are not very significant around the Sicily, but only at Messina strait.

Anchoring is possible almost all of the coves. Usually they are sheltered and very comfortable. However, short periods of swell may also possible. Please keep in mind that some popular anchorages may be very crowded at high season. Marinas around the island may also be very expensive at during summer. If you would like to use a marina or harbour, it is advised to get in contact with them ahead and ask for availability and price.

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