Yesilova Gulf, Turkey

Yeşilova Gulf is a small but very suitable for “family sailing”, from one cove to another lovely one, some where only 5-6 miles from each other.

If you start sailing from Bodrum, it is suggested to sail either about 20 miles to Knidos on Cape Krio on northern coast of Hisaronu Gulf, or about 30 miles to Dirsek Buku (Dirsek Cove) on southern coast of Hisaronu.

The next stop suggested is Ataol, or some other very small coves, anchorages. While sailing to west and then to south to Ataol, suggest to sail away from the Bozburun Islets and also Ataol islets. Watch out the lighthouse on Ataol islets.

As noted above, after Ataol or Bozukkale, you can sail to another anchorage or sail to Bozburun about 20 miles. It is very important to watch up the islets while getting in to Bozburun, sailing by Kızıl Island and other very small above water islets.

Bozburun is a small, very popular town for tourists. A number coffees, restaurants, bars, and shops to buy almost all needs. There is small harbour where some part of the quay is reserved for yachts. During peak season it is not impossible but not easy find a place at the harbour.

From Bozburun to Marmaris, it is suggested to spend some days either at Bozukkale or Serce coves. At both anchorages, there are restaurants, small shops. Both places are very clean to swim. Even though these anchorages are crowded during peak season, in summer, it is worth to anchor at these two coves.

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