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The canyon is one of the most popular dive sites in Taormina and an essential dive for all fanatics of caves and cavern diving. The Canyon is, itself quite a phenomenon. Up to 10 m deep and virtually closed over at the top, it snakes its way up from the depths, to emerge in a large school of reef fish and groupers. It has three main openings. At about 20 m is the fishbowl. Below that is another large bowl, opening at about 18 m. Deepest of all is a narrow exit at 25 m. In between these openings the walls have grown together to virtually close over the top of the canyon, forming a tunnel. From the top it has the appearance of the fluted mouth of a clam shell. Descend into the Canyon at 20 m and drop to the bottom which sits at around 25 m.

Divesicily, Diving & Watersports Centers
Giardini Naxos & Taormina - Sicily, Italy
Tel: +39-360 289 555
Tel.+39 333 1800 986

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Angelo's Canyon
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Diving site

  • Latitude 37.84963
  • Longitude 15.30044

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