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Mostly suited for small vessels.
rustic beach, very crowded
calm water
30 m long x 5 m wide

Begur - Girona

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  • Marina


    "The anchorage was called Cala de Aiguafreda, which undoubtedly means “cove that looks nice but is actually freezing”. Maybe dunking in the aiguafreda was used as a punishment for those imprisoned in the crenellated tower overlooking the harbor. Though the tower is likely to be a centuries-old fortification, the curtains in the window imply that it’s now a hotel. It looks like the sort of place that Rapunzel once let down her hair, and tourists are undoubtedly doing just that on their own.

    The anchorage had two arms, and we did like the one that overlooked the tiny town. But it felt like an alley, and we just didn’t think it was wide enough for us to swing around. After all, it was walled in by rocky cliffs on most sides. That makes it safe from wind, but only at a more comfortable distance than ours. We motored over to the other side, only a bit wider, and empty of buildings. This was a less anxious fit, and we settled in for the night."

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Anchorage point

  • Latitude 41.96418
  • Longitude 3.227706

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