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Average depth: 18 ft
Bottom type: SAND


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  • Marina


    "... This cove with clear water is full of gorgeous white rocks. There are many boats out there in front, which also gives a touch of grace to the matter. Note to consider: Bring sandals tied to the ankle to get into the water, or stones you embittered the bathroom! ;)

    When you jump from the rocks and you dive for the sake of staying cool ... stunned to discover that you are in the middle of a fabulous natural aquarium. Fabulous?? Yes it seems that schools of fish of various species, which come and go by your side ignoring you, maybe you should be considering other species swim if they could think, you think how wonderful contasen walk around this giant pond or aquarium , where visibility diving at an average of 4 or 5 meters is 15? 20? 25 meters? Wonderful unforgivable skip it if you go to cool off here."

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Anchorage point

  • Latitude 38.76238
  • Longitude 0.206852

Nearby places km

Cape Blanc Light
Lighthouse - 59.72 km
Cape Huertas Light
Lighthouse - 69.96 km
Punta Del Albir Light
Lighthouse - 31.59 km
San Antonio Light
Lighthouse - 4.5 km
Cabo de la Nao Light
Lighthouse - 3.97 km
Harbour - 11.71 km
Marina - 29.71 km
Ca's MilĂ 
Restaurant - 90.11 km
Cueva del Morach
Diving site - 6.63 km
La Isla de los Faisanes
Diving site - 41.3 km

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