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Ayvalik is situated in a lagoon formed by the Cunda (Alibey) island and mainland where mainland is heavily inhabited in contrast to the rather bare Alibey(Cunda) island. The lagoon is just a lake and it also be called as “Lake of Ayvalik”. Ayvalik is delightful little town with many small shops and interesting restaurants.
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The culture and food in Ayvalik, like all other Turkish towns at Aegean coast, is a mixture of Turkish and Greek kitchen. It very obvious to see the influence of nearby Greek islands.

The main approach to Ayvalik is from W. Entrance is through a channel, even it looks difficult at first glimpse, it is not hard as the channel between the mainland and Alibey Adasi (island) is well marked. Just be careful and always stay in the middle of the channel and try to pass it by daylight.

If you are entering or exiting Turkey in Ayvalik, it is best to let the marina handle the formalities. Part of the marina fee covers the service of doing all the leg work for obtaining a transit log. EU citizens do not require a visa. Both visa and transit log fees are expected to be paid in foreign currency i.e. USD or €.

There are many anchorages in the area but only two harbours Ayvalik and Alibey. Yachts are not allowed in the fishing harbour of Ayvalik but should go to the marina.

Marina : 39º 19' N, 26º 41' E
Marina is a part of Setur Marinas Chain, small but one of the best in the region. All of the services expected from the 1st class marina are available. Lift/Crane, marine store, repair services, internet, laundry, ATMs, car rental, and others.

Nearby islands and coves, anchorages are ;

* Alibey (Cunda) Island , 39°19.8′N, 26°39.5′E
The island is connected to the mainland by a causeway. At Alibey, there is a harbour which is on the north side of 'The Lake' of Ayvalik The island is a tourist resort. There are several laid moorings with orange pickup buoys on the quay to the north side of the harbour. Usually a number of these buoys is available to visitors, but an early arrival is advisable. Electricity can be connected and water is available if needed. Restaurants on the waterfront are expensive compared to the ones on backstreets. Backstreet restaurants are much more authentic and reflects the real local culture and food.

* Maden Island, 39°22.6′N, 26°35.5′E
Maden Adasi is a small uninhabited island with a lovely cove. Anchor over sand in 5 m. Good protection from the meltemi.

* Ciplak Island, 39°16.8′N, 26°35.6′E
Near the entrance to the Ayvalik Channel is Ciplak Adasi. It is a pleasant place for a lunch stop.

* Moska Island, 39°20.1′N, 26°36.9′E
The anchorage is at the southern end of the channel between Moska or Mosko island and Alibey Island. It is good shelter from the southerlies.

VHF channel: 16,73
+90 266 312 2696
Website URL: www.seturmarinas.com/
E-mail: ayvalik@seturmarinas.com

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Ayvalık, Turkey Ayvalık, Turkey Ayvalık, Turkey
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  • Latitude 39.31281
  • Longitude 26.6877

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