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ACI marina Korčula lies in a small cove, east of the town. It is protected by a breakwater on the northern side.

The marina has 159 berths and 16 boat places on land. Berths have water and power supply.

Reception, exchange office, restaurant, toilets and showers, laundry service, grocery store, repair shop, 10 t crane, parking lot. The gas station is approx. 0.5 NM east of the harbor, by the ferry pier. Shopping can be done in town. Customs formalities can be effected all year round. The marina offers accommodation possibilities in 13 comfortable apartments and 4 guest rooms.
ACI marina Korčula has been awarded the “European Blue Flag”, an environmental award given to communities that make a special effort to keep their beaches and marinas clean and manage them with consideration for the local environment.

Korčula is connected to Orebić on Pelješac Peninsula by ferry lines. An international airport is in Dubrovnik - Ćilipi (130 km). There are ferry lines from Korčula to Drvenik and from Vela Luka to Split (40 km), as well as catamaran line from Korčula to Split. There are ferry lines from Korčula to Rijeka and Dubrovnik, and from Korčula to Ancona, Pescara, Bari.

Korčula is a town and harbor on the northeastern coast of the island of Korčula. The harbor is divided into the eastern and western part, the ACI marina being in the eastern part. When approaching from Hvar, through the Pelješki Channel the red lighthouse (Fl R 2s 7m 4M) at 42°57,8’ N 17°08,4' E can be used as a way point. The marina comes in sight after rounding that lighthouse and the whole peninsula, which can be identified by the prominent town walls and the cathedral bell tower. The entrance to the marina is marked by a green lighthouse (Fl G 5s 7m 4M) on the southern side of the breakwater. When approaching from the south, the safest way is to round the lighthouses Sestrice (Fl (4) 15s 18m 11M) and Stupe velike (Fl R (sector) 3s 9m 3M) from the north. Then steer towards the green lighthouse in the eastern part of the town harbor (Fl G 3s 7m 2M). During summer storms it is not advisable to stay in the western part of the town harbor.
Note: Official navigational charts recommended (Official Navigational Charts - publisher HHI Split): 100-25, 100-27 and MK-22.

HR- 20260 Korčula
Tel.: 020/711-661
Fax.: 020/711-748
e-mail: m.korcula@aci-club.hr
VHF: 17

Harbour Master's Office Dubrovnik
Branch Office Korčula
Tel./Fax.: 020/711-178
VHF: 10 and 16

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  • Latitude 42.95937
  • Longitude 17.13515

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Southern Croatia lighthouses
Dalmatian Islands round trip
Dubrovnik - round trip
Sardinia-Palermo-Korfu-All round Adriatic sea - Trieste - Venice - Bari


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