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The most charming Marina of the Green Coast. Pioneer in the use of the system of Forklifts, to Marina Piratas revolutionized the operation of embarkations in vacancies droughts, reducing the time of ship transport significantly for the water. Allying easiness and safety, the marina still presents the important difference of working the Shopping Piratas close to and to Resort Porto Bali.
This convenience allows to your users usufruir of a quite varied trade, with bars, restaurants and of a hotel of high level, that works with the flag Golden Tullip. With the infrastructure of first world, to Marina Piratas offers 400 vacancies in dry and 120 in the water, besides counting with great nautical services and authorized technical attendances.

Address: Angra dos Reis - Rio De Janeiro- Brazil
Tel: (24) 3365-4089 / 3365-3806

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Marina Pirata's Mall Marina Pirata's Mall
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  • Latitude -23.0034
  • Longitude -44.3006

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