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Marmaris is a natural harbour, with an entrance through two islands, namely Nimara (Yildiz) and smaller one, Keci Islands.

It is one of the most popular touristic towns for both local and international tourists.

During winter population is about 25.000 people where during summer season up to 100.000.

Marmaris is also a great place for shopping. In town and at the marinas you can find shops of well known brands. It is sure that, there is no need to mention about the coffees, bars, restaurants, night clubs and all. The only problem with those bars and clubs is that they dump away until 3 or 4 in the morning.

Marmaris is one of the 2 largest yacht charter and yacht service bases in Turkey. There are tens of anchorages each just few miles away from each other and each are nicer from each other.

Furthermore, Marmaris is one of the port of entry to Turkey on south Aegean cost of Turkey. It also very easy to cross into Greek waters, to Rhodes or Kos.

During summer, prevailing wind is “meltemi” blowing from NW – W in open waters. Nearer to the shore meltemi follows the coastline. Usually meltemi picks up early in the afternoon and settles down just before the sunset. Occasionally, there might be late evenings and night with strong winds. Even though it is very rare, there might also be gust about 7-8 Bft., but not more than 1 or 2 days.

There are 4 marinas at Marmaris. All of them are very well equipped offering all kinds of 1st class marina services.

Albatros Marina:
30o 50’ 38’’ N, 28o 17’ 08’’ E
Adakoy, 48700 Marmaris
Capacity : 150 boats, Lifts : 20 Tons , 100 Tons aqua
Max. length: 196.0 (ft)
Max. draft: 49.0 (ft)
Bilge collection
Phone : +90-252-412 2456
Fax : +90-252-412 5547
Call sign : VHF channel 06, “Albatros Marina”

Netsel Marina :
36o 51’ 02’’ N, 28o 16’ 38’’ E
Capacity : afloat : 720 boats, ashore : 120 boats
Phone : +90-252- 412 2702
Fax : +90-252 – 412 5351
Call sign : VHF channel 06, “Port Marmaris”

Marmaris Yacht Marina :
36o 49’ 05’’ N, 28o 18’ 32’’ E
Phone : +90-252- 422 0022
Fax : +90-252- 422 0085
Capacity : afloat : 650 boats, ashore : 1000 boats
Call sign : VHF channle 06, “Yachtmarine”

Pupa Marina :
36o 49’ 76’’ N, 28o 18’ 59’’ E
Phone : +90-252-413 1853
Capacity : afloat : 40 boats
Call sign : VHF channel 72, “Pupa Marina”

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Albatros Marina Albatros Marina
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  • Latitude 36.84631
  • Longitude 28.27058

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Marina - 15.43 km

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Marmaris - Göcek - Rhodos; Turkish and Greek waters


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