Florida Keys, USA

Florida Keys offers taste of Caribbean just 15 miles south of Miami. The coral barrier reef, the archipelago comprises about 1700 islands, starts from south of Miami and continues in an arch shape to SW and then westward. Florida Keys are the only living coral barrier reefs of the N America. Keys offer unique tropical marine life, many snorkelling and diving locations and beautiful beaches. Fishing and snorkelling are the most popular activities of the area.

Dominant climate is tropical climate with two main seasons. From June to October climate is hot, wet and humid while from November to May its drier and cooler. This climatic property lets the Keys to have unique plants and vegetation. Most of the tropical house plants can be seen in their native habitat. You can also meet with some unique wild animals such as Key deer and American crocodile. Majority of the Keys, including land and sea, are under protection.

At Florida Keys, winds are usually light to moderate. However, tropical storms and hurricanes regularly threat the archipelago. It is advised to study weather forecast before planning your trip.

Best time to sail at Keys is December to June.

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