Thailand - Phuket; round trip

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist and yachting destination of the world where the southern peninsula is the most interested by sailors. The other famous cruising area is Phi Phi islands which are located in the Andaman Sea. The province Krabi owns more than 130 picturesque islands and Similan and Surin islands are the most famour place for scuba diving. The sailing tour around Phuket offers sheltered crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches, fascinating sea life, snorkelling and scuba diving, tranquillity of uninhabited islands and also lively night life.

There are two main seasons; wet and dry seasons. During wet season climate is controlled by SW monsoons, where dry season is influenced by NE monsoons. It is very difficult to give “best time” for sailing in these area. In general Thailand is considered as year round sailing destination.

NE Monsoon starts at November and lasts until April. During these months common wind speed is in force 2-4. Winds are quite stable, climate is dry and sunny where temperature is usually around 30˚C.

The SW Monsoon system is characterized by being wet. It start at May and ends at October. Prevailing winds are from SW with a force of 2 to 6. Therefore, SW Monsoon period may slightly not be suitable for laid-back sailing. Because of the wind direction during SW Monsoon, west coast of Phuket cannot be used for anchoring. It is advised to use eastern anchorages during this season. Rain is also very common.

Thailand has two high tides per day where range varies between 0.5 to 3 metres. Tide timetables for Phuket and surrounding can be found at

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