Alesund to Trondheim; Western Norway

A trip from Alesund to Trondheim can have different aims and different routes according to your aim. If you need to reach Trondheim in a short time you can prefer to sail from west of the outer islands. Otherwise you can have a longer and picturesque trip at west of islands and in fjords.

Alesund is a cosy and charming town located the Alesund municipality in More og Romsdal country of Norway. Additionally it is also part of the Sunnmore, which is a traditional district. History of Alesund bears a tragedy and transformation. The wooden town burned down by a fire at 1904 and re-builded in a art-nouveau style. For most of the people it is as charming as Bergen in a smaller scale.

Trondheim is the Norway’s third largest city after Oslo and Bergen. It is a lively city with a large population of students and industry. Trondheim’s first settlement dates back to 997. The settlement founded as a trading post and was the capital of Norway during the Viking Age.

Climate and weather;
Climate is a typical maritime climate with mild and windy winters and warm summers. The coldest month of the year is January where mean temperature is around 2˚C. Definitely best time to sail around Alesund and Trondheim is summer, when you can enjoy sunny days with 18 – 20 ˚C and short nights. Winter months are usually snowy, icy and rainy. However, most of the fjords don’t freeze due to influence of the Gulf stream.

While sailing at Norway, you can obtain weather forecast through VHF coastal stations. Reports may be in Norwegian, but if you ask them through Ch. 16, they will give you a report in English.

Winds at Western Fjords my reach up to 35 – 40 knots, especially during the spring and autumn. When you sail inside the fjords wind directions may also be diverted by high mountains. Therefore it is highly advised to check local wind and weather information before planning your trip.

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