Dubrovnik - round trip

Dubrovning is a fascinating Croatian city at the Adriatic coast. It attracts lots of tourist from all corners of the world with its history, natural beauty and authentic atmosphere. Dubrovnic joined UNESCO World Haritage Sites list at 1979. Dubrovnik has always been based on maritime trade.

Sailing around Dubrovnik is also an unforgettable experience. With this trip you can enjoy with history, crystal clear turquoise waters, cosy coves and beautiful nature at the same time. There is a wide range of choices for mooring. You can choose small traditional fishing villages to experience pace of life and tranquillity; you can prefer uninhabited coves for only nature, snorkelling and wildlife or pick a lively city to enjoy history and modern life at the same time.

At Spring (April and May) temperature usually vary between 22 and 28˚C. However, showers may occur occasionally. During this time prevailing wind is NW with a force of 3-4. During summer temperature can rise up to 30˚C with similar winds of spring. At Autumn occasional showers may be possible. However winds start to get stronger from October.

Most popular sailing season is between May and November. However, you should be ready to rapid weather changes. Dominant winds at Croatian cost are Bora, Sirocco and Maestral. Bora is the dry and cold wind from N to ENE, usually from land to sea. Force of Bora may vary between light breeze to gale. Sirocco is a warm and humid wind from ESE to SSE and usually brings rough sea and rain. It can blow any time of the year with a greater force at the S Adriatic. Usually it blows with a force of 15-20 knots. The last important wind is Maestral. The Maestral is a result of heating of first land and then sea by day. As a result heated air rises from land starts blowing down to sea. Maestral usually starts at 9 – 10 am at morning, reaches its peak around 2 pm and dies with sunset. Usual force is around 15-20 knots.

Tidal range is between 30 and 60 cm.

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