Sardinia-Palermo-Korfu-All round Adriatic sea - Trieste - Venice - Bari

The depths of the Adriatic near its shores share a close relationship to the physiography of the nearby coastlines. Wherever the coasts are high and mountainous, the nearby sea depths are considerable. For instance, in the case of the Istrian and Dalmatian areas of Slovenia and Croatia., the shores are low and sandy, and the nearby sea is shallow, as in the vicinity of Venice or, farther south, near the delta of the Italian Po River. Generally speaking, the waters are shallow all along the Italian coast. The site of maximum depth of the Adriatic Sea is situated south of the central area, and the average depth is 1,457 feet (0.444 km) and maximum depth is 3,300 feet (1.0 km).

Due to small size it is not meaningful to talk about passages in the usual sense. There are major ship routes along the axis of the sea, between Ancona and Zadar, and between Bari and Dubrovnik.
The Susac-Palagruza-Pianosa route is of interest to those who interested in it:)

Special Navigation Notes

Currents and tidal streams:
C deviations through the islands, but the main direction is NW with variable W currents in the central regions. There can be strong flows in narrow channels following the cessation of periods of strong winds.

Sicily to Greece
Wind predominantly from N or NE, becoming NW approaching Greek coast. Gales

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