Trondheim and Trondheimsfjord - Norway

Trondheim is the third largest city of Norway after Bergen and Oslo. It’s population is almost reached to 200,000 with the help of students. The city has a very lively, partly pedestrianised centre. There you can find lots of nice restaurants, cafes, shops and sightseeing. Trondheim is also know as a “cycle city”, you can also rent a bike and explore the lovely neighbourhoods.

Trondheimsfjord is a 130 m long fjord and it is third largest fjord of the Norway similar to city of Trondheim. Trondheimsfjord is also famous with its rich marine life. More than 90 species of fish which are both southern and northern species, were observed. Furthermore, in recent years deep sea corals were also discovered in the fjord. The fjord is surrounded by numbers of lovely fishing towns and coves where you can enjoy Norway and wilderness of nature at the same time.

Dominant climate at Trondheim is Oceanic climate. However, it also shows some characteristics of humid continental and subarctic climate. Inland has colder winter where mean January temperature was reported as -5.5 ˚C. At the coastal areas mean January temperature is -2.5 ˚C. From Spring temperature rises and sometimes it can even exceed 20 ˚C. Autumn starts at October. Winter months are usually snowy, icy and rainy. However, most of the fjords don’t freeze due to influence of the Gulf stream.

The city Trondheim and surrounding areas are usually sheltered from strong winds.

While sailing at Norway, you can obtain weather forecast through VHF coastal stations. Reports may be in Norwegian, but if you ask them through Ch. 16, they will give you a report in English.

Winds at fjords my reach up to 35 – 40 knots, especially during the spring and autumn. Wind directions may also be diverted by high mountains. Therefore it is highly advised to check local wind and weather information before planning your trip.

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