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  • Fishing at Turky Beach

    At the begging of the day we started throwing lures around tis island i had a popper and my uncle and dad has soft plastics on. i started getting a couple of little queenfish until a big blue salmon hit my lure but missed. so we all changed to poppers and kept throwin at the island we were only fishing in 3ft of water.5min later i got another hit and the fish just started tearing line of.we got it to the boat. took some pictures and released

  • Fishing at Coral Bay Western Australia

    we were down mauds landing fishing for golden trevellys, all four of us kept getting bitten off by a shark, so i went back later on that night by my self with my 100 lbs wire trace and hand line and finally got the sneaky tackle thief, when i landed him it was pitch black and i only had my phone as light a bit of an adrenalin rush.


    "We visited Granadella out of season and it was wonderful - we had the place to ourselves! Although it was warm, rather than sunbathe, we did the 14km (9mile) walk around the area. It's well marked from the cove, up and along to the castle overlooking the sea, and then inland to the Granadella lookout point. It's called the PR 354 and a map is freely available at Javea Tourist Information. Mostly easy walking, although a bit of a scramble on the way up to the castle. Take a picnic to eat up at the castle. Fabulous views."

  • Aiguafreda

    "The anchorage was called Cala de Aiguafreda, which undoubtedly means “cove that looks nice but is actually freezing”. Maybe dunking in the aiguafreda was used as a punishment for those imprisoned in the crenellated tower overlooking the harbor. Though the tower is likely to be a centuries-old fortification, the curtains in the window imply that it’s now a hotel. It looks like the sort of place that Rapunzel once let down her hair, and tourists are undoubtedly doing just that on their own.

    The anchorage had two arms, and we did like the one that overlooked the tiny town. But it felt like an alley, and we just didn’t think it was wide enough for us to swing around. After all, it was walled in by rocky cliffs on most sides. That makes it safe from wind, but only at a more comfortable distance than ours. We motored over to the other side, only a bit wider, and empty of buildings. This was a less anxious fit, and we settled in for the night."


    "... This cove with clear water is full of gorgeous white rocks. There are many boats out there in front, which also gives a touch of grace to the matter. Note to consider: Bring sandals tied to the ankle to get into the water, or stones you embittered the bathroom! ;)

    When you jump from the rocks and you dive for the sake of staying cool ... stunned to discover that you are in the middle of a fabulous natural aquarium. Fabulous?? Yes it seems that schools of fish of various species, which come and go by your side ignoring you, maybe you should be considering other species swim if they could think, you think how wonderful contasen walk around this giant pond or aquarium , where visibility diving at an average of 4 or 5 meters is 15? 20? 25 meters? Wonderful unforgivable skip it if you go to cool off here."

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Port of Alicante 1

Port of Alicante

Club Nautico Costa Blanca 1

Club Nautico Costa Blanca



Moraira 1


La Galere 1

La Galere

Port Santa Lucia 1

Port Santa Lucia

Aldura 1


Viva 1


Dalmata 1


La Figueirette-Miramar 1

La Figueirette-Miramar

Port de Villefranche Darse 1

Port de Villefranche Darse

Puerto de Bordighera 1

Puerto de Bordighera

Porto Turistico San Remo Portosole 1

Porto Turistico San Remo Portosole

Le Bistro 1

Le Bistro

Freshwater diving Upper Austria 3

Freshwater diving Upper AustriaFreshwater diving Upper AustriaFreshwater diving Upper Austria

Brothers 3




Panorama Reef 3

Panorama ReefPanorama ReefPanorama Reef

Middle Reef 3

Middle ReefMiddle ReefMiddle Reef

Shab Sharm 1

Shab Sharm

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