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  • Giske Yacht Harbour

    Giske municipality has approximately 6.780 inhabitants and covers a area of 40,1 km2. Fishing and agricultural have always been important for settling and employment in Giske. Today, Giske is a modern township situated only 15 minutes away from Ålesund. The four islands in the municipality of Giske were a centre of power during the Viking Age and the Middle Ages. It was the seat of earls, local kings and Viking chieftains.

    Experience the outermost islands through the subsea tunnels. Drive over Giskebridge to the fishing village of Alnes with Alnes Lighthouse, to the picturesque marble church on Giske from the early 12th century, to Skjonghellaren cave or to Alesund Airport, Vigra. Sagas, legends and monuments from the bronze age and viking era, you will find these on the islands of Giske.


    There are good harbours and local marinas on all islands, for instance at Godøy, Geilevika and Alnes. Geilevika guest harbour facilities. Giske, Giske guest harbour facilities at the south seaside adjacent to the old church. Valderøy, Gjøsund Guest harbour facilities. Ytterland Guest harbour facilities. Vigra, Roald harbour.


    The museum has a collection of artefacts from the Second World War, fishing industry history collection and an exhibition on the Eilifs-røysa burial mound. There is also a boathouse with an old boat.


    A charming and unique fishing village. Popular picnic area with beaches and a spectacular view of the ocean. An idyllic local community out by the open sea with a great sandy beach for beautiful summer days.


    Alnes lighthouse has been lit since 1876 and is now preserved by the national authorities and restored. The lighthouse and the attendant's house is open for guided tours during the summer season. The attendant's house now comprises exhibitions and a small cafe with home made cakes. Sale of art, handicraft and souvenirs.


    Ålesund - Giske: One of the world's longest undersea tunnel connections was opened in October 1987 by His Majesty King Olav V. The 3 tunnels, of 3.5, 4.2 and 3.8 km together with a bridge, connect the islands in Giske municipality to the mainland. Toll fee.


    Giske church is a beautiful marble church from the 12th century that was built as a family chapel for one of Norway's most powerful families.


    At Valderøy a cave with a 38 metres opening that goes 100 metres into Valderøyfjell mountain. The huge vaults of Skjonghelleren (cave) on the island of Valderøy gave shelter to the Stone Age man the marble Church of Giske is one of the earliest traces of the spread of Christianity in Norway. Traces from old Stone Age settlements have been discovered here from after the last Ice Age when the Giske island had hardly risen out of the sea after the ice masses had disappeared. 30,000 year old traces of fauna have also been found.


    Giske has a large number of burial cairns from the Stone Age and onwards. Some examples of these are: Mjeltehaugen at Giskegjerdet is about 30 metres across. A decorated stone coffin was found here, among other things. Eilifrøysa, on the Godøy island, is a 5 m high burial mound from the early Roman period (375-400 AD). It was excavated in 1962. A presentation of the find is found at the Godøytun museum. Blimshaugen on Vigra is about 36 metres across and 5 metres high. A number of graves and stone coffins have been uncovered here from the early Roman period. Aapproximately 60 graves at Gjuv, on Godøy island.


    Round trip Giske - Godøy, A 3 hour guided round trip that can be combined with a tour around the islands of Valderøy and Vigra. Local Norwegian / English guides can be booked at the tourist information office one day in advance.

    Helicopter sightseeing: You can hire a helicopter to go sightseeing from Ålesund Airport, Vigra. Contact: Lufttransport.

  • Alesund Town Harbour

    The coastal town of Ålesund, with a population of approximately 44.500 and a area of 98,4 km2, is the commercial and industrial capital of Møre and Romsdal. Its coat of arms depicts a combined trawler and freight ship under sail with 3 fish, representing Ålesund´s longstanding place in commerce and fishing trade. The Coastal Steamer (Hurtigruten) has daily departures.

    Ålesund is a unique experience, with its fantastic view from the town mountain Aksla, 418 steps from the town centre, its magnificent Art Nouveau architecture and the picturesque Brosundet. Experience also one of Europe's largest aquariums, The Atlantic Sea-Park, built into the coastal landscape, it provides facinating insight into the multitude of life beneath the waves. Take a stroll at the open-air Sunnmøre Museum and feel you are centuries back in time. Learn all about the town fire in 1904 at Aalesunds Museum. And why not visit the Fishery Museum - and perhaps do some cod-liver-oil tasting? An experience you´ll never forget!

    Ålesund has one of the largest export harbours in the world for "Klippfisk", i.e. split, dried and salted cod, and a bustling, picturesque fishing port along the old harbour "Brosundet" with Skansegata where you can buy fresh fish and prawns. The town has a rich and lively history behind it, even though it was only granted municipal status in 1848, thanks largely to resistance on the parts of both Bergen and Trondheim to division of trading rights. Countless interesting objects have been excavated in the museum area of Viking Age Borgundkaupangen.

    The town was devastated by fire in the early hours of the 23rd of January 1904: This even gave rise to a saying in Norway: "I´ve never heard anything like it since Ålesund burnt down". The furious winter storm spread a blaze akin to an explosion, laying the whole town centre in ashes and leaving 10.000 people homeless.

    Following exeptional relief work, including immediate shipments of provisions and building materials from the whole of Europe, including the Emperor William II of Germany himself, the town was completely rebuilt in the pre valent style, Art Nouveau.

  • Amphitheatre


  • Alesund Town Harbour

    It is a sea port, and is noted for its unique concentration of Art Nouveau architecture.

  • Mirina, Limnos

    The attitude to photography seems to be more relaxed, but caution is advised.

  • Mirina, Limnos

    Berth stern or bows-to on the N quay. A small ferry also uses the quay, staying overnight, but Port Police will inform you if you obstruct the berth. Strong W-NW winds send a surge into the harbour, more uncomfortable than dangerous. Make sure your anchor has plenty of scope and you are pulled a little way off the quay. Water and electricity on the quay for a reasonable charge, a waterman will come around.

    Works on the commercial quay appear to be complete. There are plans to build a marina in the S corner of the bay.

    The Genoese castle is open both to visitors and to the herds of deer and goats who graze around it.

  • Skiathos

    The new pontoon and most of the town quay is now controlled by a triad of charter companies. You must call ahead for a berth. Attempting to enter a vacant berth unannounced can lead to animated charter operators aggressively protecting their berths.

  • Skiathos

    Visit Lalaria beach!

  • Khalkis

    The bridge invariably opens at night, usually after midnight, regardless of the state of tide. It seems to have far more to do with the flow of traffic over the bridge than the flow of water under it. Some yachts have reported adverse currents of 4kt when passing S%u2013N. I shot the bridge this summer going N%u2013S with at least 3kt of current. Local fishermen in dinghies ride the tides in a wonderfully casual manner, but keep a lookout for them at night on the edges of the streams, as few of them carry lights. Radio contact with the bridge can be patchy, especially if there is a lot of commercial traffic. Keep an eye on what other yachts are doing, as well as a listening watch on the VHF. It is reported that bridge authorities have been known to leave the odd yacht out of the call! Charge Euro18 for 11m yacht (2002).

  • Puerto de L'Escala

    Good shelter in new marina and in the old with a new breakwater; max length 15m;

  • Barcelona

    The marina in the main harbour is being greatly expanded with access now through the N part of the breakwater.

  • Salalah

    Approach: the ship anchorage off the port and the lights of the container terminal make it an easy harbour to locate and enter at night.

  • Uligan

    Approach: The Fl Red light on the northern boat pass channel may no longer exist. The Light on the southern boat pass should be described as Fl R.

  • Galle

    Approach: the buoyed channel shown on Page 127 of Heikell's Indian Ocean Cruising Guide is the easiest approach, but there are only two sets of buoys not three as shown. The lighthouse on Fort Galle is the only navigation light and now shows FL(2)10s. A night entry of the harbour is prohibited as an anti Tamil Tiger net is stretched right across the harbour entrance. Also depth charges are occasionally used at night inside the harbour to deter Tamil divers.

  • Boat lagoon

    Approach: It is advisable to enter on a rising tide and to request the Harbourmaster to act as Pilot when entering, as the junction at the entrance to the new marina is tricky and shallow.

  • Nai Harn Bay

    Expect 50 - 100 boats here at Christmas with room to spare.

  • Yacht Heaven marina

    Taxis get expensive and most people hire a cheap car to access all necessary facilities.

  • Thailand to Yemen via Sri Lanka, Maldives and Oman

    For yachts leaving Fremantle to cross to South Africa the acceptable first leaving date is the 1st May. Cyclones can happen even this late but they are very rare. Yachts coming from the north of Australia are unlikely to be arriving in the Indian Ocean until well after the end of the cyclone season.

  • Blue Creek Marina

    Superior on-site management
    50,000 square foot dry stack storage building
    440 dry storage bays
    20 Transient Slips
    Full service center with certified technicians
    Fuel docks
    Ship%u2019s Store accommodating marina accessories, snacks and much more

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