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Akhtilahti company is a pioneer in organizing canoe tours in the center of St. Petersburg. We are the first company to open this type of active recreation in the Northern capital for its residents and guests.
Keeping the leading position in this field of tourism services, we are constantly improving the organization of our programs, raising the level of service and developing new directions for outdoor recreation in canoes in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.
The kayak races on the Neva and St. Petersburg conducted by us are official and legal. Akhtilahti company is a founder and is a member of the St. Petersburg Rowing Association.
Kayak and kayak tours in St. Petersburg are a unique opportunity to see your favorite city from an unusual perspective. Kayaking as a type of city activity appeared in St. Petersburg, thanks to our efforts, relatively recently - in April 2016 and has already managed to catch the fancy of many residents and visitors of the city. A kayak trip around St. Petersburg is a great combination of active rest with the sight of magnificent views of the city!
In order to make participation in our swims as comfortable as possible for a wide range of participants, we have developed several types of canoe routes in St. Petersburg: morning, afternoon and evening; on weekdays and weekends.

Price from 1950 RUB.

Russia, St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg
Email: go@ahtilahti.ru
Phone: +7 (911) 701-71-51

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Touristic point

  • Latitude 59.93946
  • Longitude 30.31518

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River Wake Club
Touristic point - 4.95 km
Touristic point - 72.38 km

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