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Boban menu draws on Dalmatia, Istria and the mainland for interesting combinations of different cuisines. The staff is willing and very qualified to help construct an eclectic, yet memorable meal, combining, for instance, a truffled beef carpaccio appetizer with a truffled monkfish main course, or a risotto followed by a frog brodetto (both wonderful and very memorable meals, by the way). Wine list is extensive, reasonably priced, and the staff willing and capable of complementing even the most eclectic meals with appropriate wines.
And yet, their 'catch of the day' display rivals any found in a specialty seafood place; it's just that they can do so much more with it.

Cuisines: Mediterranean
Dining options: Reservations, Late Night

Hektoroviceva 49, Split, Croatia

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Boban Boban
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  • Latitude 43.50316
  • Longitude 16.45593

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