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There are 66 berths. Additionally, there are buoys for mooring, but in case of winds it is best to moor on the inner side of the breakwater. The marina is not well-protected from winds, and both the bora and the sirocco can be dangerous.

Beside the reception office, there are water and electricity hook ups, toilets, an exchange office and several restaurants in the village.

In the Area:
The island of Ist is shaped like a butterfly and is relatively densely populated. On the top of Straza there is a church from which there are nice views of the islands Skrada to the west and Molat to the southeast.

44°16.00' N - 14°46.00' E

Address: 23293 Ist
Tel: +385 023 37 26 38
Fax: +385 023 37 26 38

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Anchorage point

  • Latitude 44.27065
  • Longitude 14.7664

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Reggata "Navigator", 4-11 May 2013 (1st route)


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