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A newcomer who visited the pond for the first time, will perceive it as an ordinary paid pond, but at first glance, but it is worth visiting his heels; weather and windy winter cold with minus 15 C0 -20 C0, blizzard, and you have a “flag”, you are to him, trout! ten meters away, another one, where you put a crucian on a pike. At this moment, you forget everyday work, family troubles, I, not to mention the fact that you do not feel your feet and your fingers are numb from the scorching cold wind. The idea to quickly get together and go to a warm bath, pour a glass of vodka you do not even think to visit. And on the next visit, can visit failure; BUT, I repeat once again BUT, fresh air, communication with nature, these sensations are no substitute for anything! You begin to live this life, you call more often, you are interested in when you started a fish, which one and how much; You correspond on the forum with the fishermen with the question of when was the last time and how is there a bite. Coming to the country, for the weekend, in the evening you are cooking tackles.

Price from 1500 RUB.

Russia, Naro-Fominsk urban district, Sobakino village
Phone: +7 (909) 925-09-45

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Fishing point

  • Latitude 55.27995
  • Longitude 36.94517

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