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In the 3rd century BC a Greek settlement Tragurion which developed into a major port in the Roman period. Sudden prosperity of Salona deprived Trogir of its importance. During the Croatian migration the citizens of the destroyed Salona escaped to Trogir. From the 9th century Trogir was paying tribute to the Croatian rulers. The diocese of Trogir was established in the 11th century (abolished in 1828) and in 1107 it was chartered by the Hungarian-Croatian king Koloman, gaining thus its autonomy as a town. In 1123 it was conquered and almost completely demolished by the Saracens. However, Trogir recovered in a short period to experience a powerful economic prosperity in the 12th and the 13th centuries. In 1242 King Bela IV found refuge there as he was running from the Tatars. In the 13th and the 14th centuries the members of the Subic line were most frequently elected dukes by the citizens of Trogir; Mladen III (1348), according to the inscription on the sepulchral slab in the Cathedral of Trogir, called "the shield of the Croats", was one of the most prominent Subics. In 1420 the period of a long-term Venetian rule began. On the fall of Venice in 1797 Trogir came under the Austrian power, which lasted until 1918 (except for the per-iod under the French rule 1806-1814). In 1918 it was returned to the parent country.

Trogir is a town-museum in the very meaning of the word. Lovers of cultural and historical monuments, art, original architecture and nice alleys are given the opportunity in Trogir to learn about the manifold and complex heritage - from the Romanesque yard to the modern interiors. The unique historical core, Radovan's portal, the art collections which have been arousing excitement among visitors and travellers for centuries offer a tourist beauty, personified in the relief of Kairos as an appropriate souvenir. The wider surroundings of Trogir (Trogir - Seget - Ciovo Riviera) is characterized by lavish green vegetation, numerous islands and islets, rocky and pebble beaches. Apart from the high quality accommodation - hotels, boarding houses, apartments, campsites, delicious domestic food, fish dishes in par-ticular, the sports and recreation offer includes many opportunities - tennis, boccia, bowling, jogging, surfing school, diving. Entertainment includes lively fishermen's nights and folklore show but also classical music concerts in special scenic sets of the town.

Beaches there are gravel, sandy, rocky and, in order to make the approach to them easier, partly concrete. The most popular ones are:
The Pantan beach - 500 km long gravel and sandy beach with pine wood on its east side. It is 1,5 km far from the centre of Trogir. There is a beach bar "Mosquito" on the beach, situated direct beside the sea, with cold drinks, ice-cream and light food. The whole area is protected natural wildlife refuge with a beautiful water-mill Pantan on the north side of the beach.
The Okrug beach (in Okrug) - the most popular beach on Trogir's Riviera, 5 km far from the centre of Trogir. This two km long gravel beach is also called "Trogir's Copacabana". Many beach bars and few restaurants keep this place alive during the night.
The Kava beach (in Slatine) - it is situated on the end of the east side of Čiovo, 12 km far from the centre of Trogir, and it is one of unspoiled natural beauties. In order to get there, you have to pass through a village Slatine and drive little more than 4 km to the east along mostly gravel and, on some places, very rough road.
The Medena beach (in Seget) - 3 km ling gravel beach, surrounded by pine wood, and with a variety of sport offer. It is 4 km far from the centre of Trogir.
The marina is open year round. It is located on the northern side of Ciovo Peninsula, between Cape Cubrijan and Trogir Bridge.

There are 180 berths for yachts to 18 meters.

The marina is well-protected from winds.

Facilities include a reception office, water and electricity hook ups, showers and toilets, telephones, a hotel, a restuarant (Celica), café/bar, shops, parking, an exchange office and a fuel station.

The marina is equipped with a hoist (10t) and a slipway.


The town of Trogir is situated on an island between the mainland and Čiovo Island. In the channel north of the town the sea is only 2 m deep, and going further it becomes even shallower (1 m). Over this channel the town is connected with the mainland by a solid bridge, while with Čiovo Island, where the ACI marina is situated, it is connected by a bascule-bridge (2.40 m high) which does not open anymore. For boats that cannot pass under the bascule- bridge approach to the port is possible from the west, between Čiovo Island and Čelice reef. A good landmark is the green lighthouse on Cape Čubrijan (Fl G 2s 8m 4M), which can be used as a way point as well (43°30,7’ N 16°14,6’ E). For those approaching from the east the way is marked with red and green marks. Sea depth in the passage under the bridge is 4.5 m.
Note: Official navigational charts recommended (Official Navigational Charts - publisher HHI Split): 100-21, MK-16 and Plan 534.

The Summer Festival is organized annually.

ACI Marina Trogir

Put Cumbrijana bb, 21220 Trogir

Phone: +385 021 88 15 44
Fax: +385 020 88 12 58

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  • Latitude 43.51772
  • Longitude 16.25065

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