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Having gone from the boat station of New Iloranta, we will cross the Big Forest Lake and through a small channel under the bridge we will come out to the Small Forest Lake. Having passed this small lake, we will get into the lake Sokolinskoe along the most beautiful forest river. But in the Sokolinsky lake we make a turn and, passing along the channel under the bridge separating the villages of Ovsovo and Gvardeiskoe, we will come out to the beautiful Cunha lake. We have to go through it to the very end, admiring stunning views of rocky shores and islands. Somewhere here we will stop for lunch snacks cooked on a campfire. Then, using the narrow beautiful canal system, we will exit to Smirnovskoe Lake and get to the village of Paltsevo, where our kayak tour will end. A transfer back to the base will be arranged for you.

Attention! You will need to row yourself.

For the record:
+7 921 796-45-49 - Administration of the Iloranta Family Recreation Base
+7 950 224-58-30 - Administration of Vuoksa-Tour

Price from 1500 RUB.

Russia, the village of Guards, the village of Guards
Phone: +7 (952) 208-46-02

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Vuoksa Tour
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Touristic point

  • Latitude 60.80037
  • Longitude 28.95815

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