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Good place to stop and repair of yachts, located on the coast.

City Alesund

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Alesund Town Harbour Alesund Town Harbour

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  • Sea Mayor

    Sea Mayor

    The coastal town of Ålesund, with a population of approximately 44.500 and a area of 98,4 km2, is the commercial and industrial capital of Møre and Romsdal. Its coat of arms depicts a combined trawler and freight ship under sail with 3 fish, representing Ålesund´s longstanding place in commerce and fishing trade. The Coastal Steamer (Hurtigruten) has daily departures.

    Ålesund is a unique experience, with its fantastic view from the town mountain Aksla, 418 steps from the town centre, its magnificent Art Nouveau architecture and the picturesque Brosundet. Experience also one of Europe's largest aquariums, The Atlantic Sea-Park, built into the coastal landscape, it provides facinating insight into the multitude of life beneath the waves. Take a stroll at the open-air Sunnmøre Museum and feel you are centuries back in time. Learn all about the town fire in 1904 at Aalesunds Museum. And why not visit the Fishery Museum - and perhaps do some cod-liver-oil tasting? An experience you´ll never forget!

    Ålesund has one of the largest export harbours in the world for "Klippfisk", i.e. split, dried and salted cod, and a bustling, picturesque fishing port along the old harbour "Brosundet" with Skansegata where you can buy fresh fish and prawns. The town has a rich and lively history behind it, even though it was only granted municipal status in 1848, thanks largely to resistance on the parts of both Bergen and Trondheim to division of trading rights. Countless interesting objects have been excavated in the museum area of Viking Age Borgundkaupangen.

    The town was devastated by fire in the early hours of the 23rd of January 1904: This even gave rise to a saying in Norway: "I´ve never heard anything like it since Ålesund burnt down". The furious winter storm spread a blaze akin to an explosion, laying the whole town centre in ashes and leaving 10.000 people homeless.

    Following exeptional relief work, including immediate shipments of provisions and building materials from the whole of Europe, including the Emperor William II of Germany himself, the town was completely rebuilt in the pre valent style, Art Nouveau.

  • Sea Mayor

    Sea Mayor

    It is a sea port, and is noted for its unique concentration of Art Nouveau architecture.

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  • Latitude 62.47420
  • Longitude 6.15166

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Alesund and Romsdalsfjord (Western Fjords - Norway)


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