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Didim is peninsula surrounded by the provincial limits of Muğla and the Akbük cove in the East, the Aegean Sea in the South and west and it is located only 70 km from Kuşadası and 110 km from Bodrum. The population of Didim is app. 25.000 during winter where in summer season increasing up to 55 – 60.000.

Didim, in Greek Didyma is an ancient Ionian settlement where temple and oracle of Apollo (Didymaion) is within the walking distance to the centre of town. In Greek, Didyma means “twin”, and the town is being called Didyma referring to the temple of twins, Apollo and Artemis. It is highly suggested not to miss to visit these temples through the old Roman “Sacred Way” of 16 Km which was the largest and most significant sanctuary of the classical city Miletus of Roman Era.

Besides the historical importance, Didim is also very popular with the beaches and coves nearby.
Altınkum is the most important beach in Didim. Altınkum means “golden sand” and its sea and beach are inviting to you. The sea is very shallow for a long way out and so is ideal for children. The beach is located centre of town. Altınkum beach has “Blue Flag”. There are some other beaches and coves in Altınkum.Didim-Altınkum is an excellent resort for those who seek for the sea, sun and sand. You can have a sun bath on golden sandy beaches, participate in aquatics in the coves where any kinds of water sports can be performed. When the sun start to set Altınkum gains a nerdish colour.

The people in Didim are warm and very friendly. There are many restaurants, bars and shops along the sea side. Didim is the most beautiful place which you can find the harmony of history and nature.

Recently, Didim bcome very popular among British people. There is considerable British population settled down in Didim and municipality recently started to issue the water and electricity bills also in English.

In short Didim (Didyma) is an area to spend some time and enjoy the sun, sea, and good Turkish food together with warm, friendly people around.

D-Marin Didim

37o 20’ 17’’ N, 27o 15’ 57’’ E
Phone : +90- 256 – 813 7526
Fax : +90- 256 – 813 7524
E-mail : dmarindidim@dogusgrubu.com.tr

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Didim, Turkey Didim, Turkey Didim, Turkey
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  • Latitude 37.34076
  • Longitude 27.26794

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Aegean Coast; Çesme - Bodrum, Turkey
Aegean Coast; Çesme - Bodrum, Turkey


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