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Little shelter from the meltemi except S of the bridge. Bridge opens once every 24 hours at night when the tide serves

Facilities: water and fuel on quay but only 2m alongside; good provisioning; buses and trains to Athens.

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  • Ifigenia Livaditou

    Ifigenia Livaditou

    Very friendly marina, well guarded.

  • Sea Mayor

    Sea Mayor

    The bridge invariably opens at night, usually after midnight, regardless of the state of tide. It seems to have far more to do with the flow of traffic over the bridge than the flow of water under it. Some yachts have reported adverse currents of 4kt when passing S%u2013N. I shot the bridge this summer going N%u2013S with at least 3kt of current. Local fishermen in dinghies ride the tides in a wonderfully casual manner, but keep a lookout for them at night on the edges of the streams, as few of them carry lights. Radio contact with the bridge can be patchy, especially if there is a lot of commercial traffic. Keep an eye on what other yachts are doing, as well as a listening watch on the VHF. It is reported that bridge authorities have been known to leave the odd yacht out of the call! Charge Euro18 for 11m yacht (2002).

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Anchorage point

  • Latitude 38.44659
  • Longitude 23.59245

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Aegean sea: Corinth to the Dardenelles


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