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General :
Kos (or Cos) is a Greek island that lies at the heart of the Dodecanese in the Aegean Sea. It is one of the three largest islands of the group, very close to the Turkish coastline (only 4 NM from the coast of Bodrum, Turkey). Kos, the island of Hippocrates, has been gifted with an abundance of unique elements. Kos is amazing place for sailing holidays in Aegean islands .
This island has a great variety of white sand (or even black one from the volcano lava) or pebbled beaches and coves that scattered around the island. Most of the beaches are well-organised and provide high standard of facilities

The capital city is Kos, same name as the island, is the main port and the cultural and population centre of the island. Within the Kos city, the visitor can find everything from archaeological sites, different architecture trends (Italian, Greek and Turkish), little alleys and many restaurants, cafes and shops.

As regards the night life, Kos may be the liveliest island of the Dodecanese. Most of the bars, cafes and nightclubs are located mainly in the capital and some other touristy places too. Restaurants and taverns are also on hand around almost all the island offering delicious Agean food.

Wind :
During the summer period in Kos island, the prevailing wind is the Meltemi blowing from West to North-West at force 4-6 and may reach force 7 on occasion. On the contrary, during spring and autumn the Meltemi wind frequently blows from South-East at force 2-4 beaufort scale again stronger occasionally.

Weather :
Kos is sunny island all year round and the climate is the classic Mediterranean: hot, dry summers from April till November and mild, short winters. During summer months, the Meltemi winds provide some relief since the temperatures are sometimes quite high.

Marina :
Island has its private marina. opened in 2001, is located next to Kos' old harbour. It is modern and safe marina which offers up to date service and facilities to the visitor.

Anchorages/ moorings in Kos:
Kamares and Kefalos at the West South end of the island is sheltered bay where yachts can stay on the anchor or moor to the small dock. Mastichari, Tigaki, Lambi amd Psalidi beaches/ bays are safe only when South or no winds are blowing.

Kos Marina :
Marina entrance: 36° 53' N 27° 18' E
VHF channel: 77
Call sign: Kos Marina.
Reception : info@kosmarina.gr
Phone : +30 22420 57500
Fax : +30 22420 57525
Working hours: 07:00 to 22:00 (Monday to Sunday)

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Kos, Greece
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  • Latitude 36.89557
  • Longitude 27.2922

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