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Very small cove being very good shelter for any direction of wind. Berth stern-to at one of the jetties.

It is also possible to anchor and take a long line ashore. The depths fall off quickly into the middle of the bay.

Good shelter but with occasional brief gusts.

Favourite place of Sadun Boro who is considered the father of yachting in Turkey and the first Turkish yachtsman to travel around the world with his boat “Kismet”. This cove is known as “paradise of Sadun Boro”. When entered the cove which lies in the direction of north to south, on left, at the deepest part, it is possible to see “Kısmet” tied on 8th pine tree. This 8th pine tree is reserved for “Kismet” and any Turkish yacht always try not to use this tree. There is a mermaid monument at the entrance which is also installed by Sadun Boro.

There are two piers and a restaurant inside of the cove. It is possible to anchor and stern fast, and supply electricity and water. The first one towards the entrance of the cove is suggested where the service is much more friendly.

There is a presidency residence in the south of the cove, where entrance is forbidden. There is a pier in front of it and 1-2 kedge buoys.

Water, electricity, showes and toilets, restautant and bar.

Gokova Yacht Club Jetty
(in the NW corner of the bay)
Tel:+90 252 465 5148 Fax:+90 252 465 5149

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Okluk Bay, Gulf of Gokova - Turkey
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Anchorage point

  • Latitude 36.91916
  • Longitude 28.17025

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Gulf of Gokova, Turkey


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