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Admiralty Chart 2896
The Port of Salalah is the major container transhipment port for the Gulf of Aden. Its twelve container cranes are working day and night on the four or five ships who call here each day. It is well worth hiring a car and exploring the area. Beware the camels which cross the road without any wariness of vehicles. You can visit the site of the Queen of Sheba’s Palace and find the strangely shaped frankincense trees growing in the desert. It is the resin from these trees that was once such a valuable commodity.

Anchorage; The holding is not as good as it may seem, so make sure your anchor has dug in well.

Formalities; Call Salalah Port Control on VHF Ch 16 for permission to enter the harbour and hoist flag Q. They will ask your vessel’s name, tonnage, port of registry and number and nationality of people on board. They will also want to check that you are anchoring in the right place before you drop anchor. Once anchored the navy will call to check you out, followed by the Customs who are quite often several hours later. On departure you will need to visit Customs who will usually only issue clearance if you are sailing within one hour.

Facilities; Water; The wash block has two doors one unlocked the other locked. A key for the locked door can be obtained from the Port Police Office. The showers and toilets there are excellent.
Fuel; A mini tanker for a minimum of 1000 litres can be shared between several yachts. Repairs; Most yacht repairs can be carried out in Salalah given patience and time. The industrial area on the left as you head into town is a great source of skilled mechanics. If you drive around long enough you will probably find someone to help you. If you want them to work on the boat you will need to organise a gate pass for them. To save this trouble Mohammed Saad (Phone 23 212 747 or 99 088 206 or 92 339 763 E-mail number will organise a repair person for you who he will deliver, acting if necessary as interpreter.
Provisions; There are a range of western supermarkets as well as local market stalls in the main town. It is worth sharing a car hire to stock up.

Salalah Port Services Co. (S.A.O.G)
P.O. Box 369
Postal Code 211
Sultanate of Oman
Tel +968 2321 9500
Fax +968 2321 9520
Telex 7640 PORT SLL ON

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  • Approach: the ship anchorage off the port and the lights of the container terminal make it an easy harbour to locate and enter at night.

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  • Latitude 16.93735
  • Longitude 54.00509

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Dive center - 6.91 km

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Thailand to Yemen via Sri Lanka, Maldives and Oman


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