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A totally delightful place . No sign of the marina development at Haa Dhaalu.

Anchorage; An alternate anchorage can be found on one of many sand patches in 15m, just off the northern boat pass. The position of one of these is 7º 04.99’N , 72º 55.03’E.

Formalties; You will need 4 crew lists on arrival and another four on departure. There is an anchorage fee. The security check is not longer carried out on departure. Formalaties are speedy and painless, with all officials coming to the boat.

Facilities; Fuel was available from Amsco, Sailor's Choice, or the local diesel mechanic. Mail can be sent from The Post Office. Fresh, potable water may be supplied by jerry can at no charge by either Amsco or Sailor's Choice if you use their services.

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  • Sea Mayor

    Sea Mayor

    Approach: The Fl Red light on the northern boat pass channel may no longer exist. The Light on the southern boat pass should be described as Fl R.

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Anchorage point

  • Latitude 7.083347
  • Longitude 72.91977

Place appears in

Thailand to Yemen via Sri Lanka, Maldives and Oman


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