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Marina Zadar is located in the central part of the Adriatic coast. Zadar before the lower group of islands of Zadar and Kornati archipelago, which counted more than 300 islands, islets and rocks. And so many boaters from all over the world elect Marino Zadar as an ideal starting point for nautical adventure.

It is situated in the very centre of the three thousand years old town, which has many historical sights, archeological findings and cultural contents, as well as modern shopping centres. Marina Zadar is a safe refuge, because it is naturally sheltered from wind and, besides its standard services (300 sea-berths, 200 onland places, cranes, automatic yard etc.), it has a repair service where you can also get spare parts for your boat. If you don't have your own ship, and you wish to have memorable vacations, we can offer you the possibility of hiring motor ships or sailing boats in our Marina Zadar Charter. After a pleasant day at sea, you may spend nice evening moments in our restourant “Maestral” or Casino Zadar.

Marina Zadar is also the holder of the Blue Flag, an exclusive eco-mark which indicates an ecologically pure, safe and well-maintained marina. Besides Marina Zadar, we have our annex, Marina Ić, which is located in the central part of the Zadar archipelago, only 14 NM from Marina Zadar. Along with sea resources, the surroundings of Zadar are rich with other contents and scenery, with many additional possibilities to spend active vacations - ideal tracks for walking and biking, horse-riding, mountain- climbing, free climbing, fresh water fishing, rafting, canoing, hunting etc.

Zadar is approached either from NW along the channel separating the mainland from the island of Ugljan or from SE along the E side of the island of Pasman. Smaller yachts and motor boats can approach via the Prolaz Zdrelac, the narrow channel between the islands of Ugljan and Pasman; however, note that the channel is crossed by a road bridge with only 16 metres clearance. In the approach, the buildings of the old town on a peninsula sheltering the harbour from S and W are conspicuous. The harbour is entered from NW between the old town peninsula and a long breakwater. Note that there are extensive shoals along the shore NW of the entrance, marked with a port had buoy. The harbour is used by several ferries, which enter and leave at speed and caution is needed when approaching. The entrance to the marina is to port 100 metres after passing the breakwater. Shelter inside the harbour is excellent, although berths outside the marina basin on the breakwater and T pontoons are subject to wash from commercial traffic.

Berthing assistance available. Small to medium-sized yachts (up to 15 metres) berth bows or stern-to the pontoons in the marina basin. Larger yachts (over 15 metres) are usually berthed stern-to the breakwater, taking lines to a row of mooring buoys, or on either of the two T-pontoons E of the breakwater. Depths in the marina are 8.0 - 12.0 metres and at the breakwater 12.0 - 15.0 metres.

Ivana Meštrovića 2
23 000 Zadar, Hrvatska

tel. ++385 23 204 850
204 700

fax. ++385 23 333 917


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  • Latitude 44.12018
  • Longitude 15.23099

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Place appears in

Middle Croatia lighthouses
Reggata "Navigator", 4-11 May 2013 (2d route)
Sardinia-Palermo-Korfu-All round Adriatic sea - Trieste - Venice - Bari


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